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Our take on helping the community fight COVID-19

Since we care for our customers, community and family, we have, along with the rest of the world, been closely monitoring the dynamic situation of COVID-19.

First and foremost, the health and well-being of our partners and community remain top of mind and our highest priority, and we will continue to act thoughtfully and courageously despite the disruption and uncertainty COVID-19 brings to our daily lives.

We’ve already taken a series of precautionary steps in response to this emerging public health impact and will continue to do so as the situation evolves:

1. We are taking guidance from the CDC and local health authorities, we have increased cleaning and sanitizing in all of our processes and in-store to help prevent the spread of all germs.

2. Current advice from public health authorities suggests that COVID-19 is not transmittable via food, but to be safe we've added accessible Sanitizers for the walk-in customers and enforced our internal use of them through automatic devices.

3. We're ensuring proper sanitation of surfaces, food handlers, and food preparation environments.

4. We are ensuring that any locations where delivery drivers wait for orders are separate from any food prep areas.

5. We won't hesitate to contact the local public health authority in the event of suspected coronavirus cases.

Even though we remain a full-service restaurant, we believe the best way to keep everyone's safety is through our delivery service.

We will continue to stay close to our partners and local health officials, and we are optimistic this will be a temporary situation. Guided by our Mission and Values and a commitment to the community we serve, we will continue to communicate with transparency and act courageously and responsibly to ensure the health and well-being of our partners and customers.

Please be safe,

Debby Portillo Gonzalez



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