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We sum up to 'Greater Riverdale Cares' #StayHome Fundraiser

Starting April 9th, we joined CKAR CDC's Greater Riverdale Cares effort, following its mission of promoting the social, environmental and economic development of Greater Riverdale. We are Joining Councilmember Dannielle Glaros, CKAR CDC, Kaiser Permanente, and community partners to support restaurants in the Greater Riverdale communities during this COVID-19 crisis to provide healthy warm meals to those in need in the 20737 area.

Your donation will directly support the purchase of meals from partner restaurants including our sister brand's Smoked BBQ 2Fifty Texas BBQ and some of our favorite restaurants in the area like Banana Blossom Bistro,  Denizen’s Brewing Co, and RivieraTapas to help us keep our kitchens open and our staff on payroll. The meals will be distributed – free of charge – to neighbors in need in the Greater Riverdale communities (zip code 20737)

We've partnered so that your donation of, let's say, $40, will provide a delicious and healthy meal made by our staff and in our kitchens for a family of four. Together we can keep our Greater Riverdale kitchens open, workers employed and provide healthy, nutritious food to neighbors in need.

Together, we can support our community by feeding our neighbors in need and supporting our local businesses, and demonstrating that Greater Riverdale Cares.

A $10 Gift will feed one person, $20 will feed two, $40 will feed one family, $120 will feed three families and so on.

No gift is too small – or too large!

We are in deep connections with our community and know the current situation we're all living in. Please take all the necessary precautions on your day to day: use masks, wash your hands, keep social distancing and, if you can, stay home. We will continue to serve you and this lovely community with all of our passion and dedication.

If you can't give a donation, due to your situation, Share this post or the link to the fundraisers with others, it will help a lot!

Thank you for your support!

– Dumm's Family

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